InTEGRATIVE counselling

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“To achieve a lasting loving bond, we have to be able to tune in to our deepest needs and longings and translate them into clear signals that help our lovers respond to us.”
- Dr. Sue Johnson

Welcome! I’m glad you’re here! My greatest passion is to help people build joyful, intimate, attuned relationships with themselves and their loved ones. I believe the quality of our emotional bonds largely determines the quality of our lives. When we’re in loving, safe, secure, flourishing connections, we can continually grow into ourselves, have good protection against trauma and stressors that happen in life, and can lead meaningful and purposeful lives.

The problem is, our collective human history is steeped in relational wounds - emotional pain and traumas that haven’t had a relational home to be held or processed in - so they get unconsciously stuck within us, our family systems, and also within our cultural systems. These wounded patterns get passed down through our ancestral lines and our social structures - not because they are genetic issues that are “hard-wired” into us, but because if these wounds aren’t consciously addressed and healed, they get unconsciously transmitted and “soft-wired” into us through our psychobiological imprinting. So goes the saying: “Hurt people hurt people.” This is how we perpetuate harmful cycles in relationship often without even knowing it.

So, our capacity for healthy emotional bonding often gets compromised early in life. Caregivers who weren’t able to be emotionally present or open with us, or were misattuned, neglectful or abusive… family systems under stress… or, later on, painful relational experiences with partners in which we felt hurt, unsafe and disempowered… these all take a toll on our development, mental/emotional health, and our ability to be in safe, healthy, happy relationships as adults.

How do you know if you’ve got unhealed emotional wounds or relational trauma? Often it shows up in the following ways:

  • Destructive rather than constructive relationship conflict

  • Ineffective or harmful communication patterns

  • Ongoing pursue-distance patterns in relationships

  • Fear of intimacy or trust with oneself or other people

  • Feeling emotionally unsafe in relationships

  • Anxiety, social anxiety, fear or panic attacks

  • Depression and unprocessed grief

  • Self-criticism and negative self-narratives

  • Feeling disconnected from yourself and your body

  • Chronic physical pain or tension in the body

Are you experiencing any of these issues? If so, please reach out and send me an email telling me what you’re experiencing, and let’s see how I can be of support!

I'm Serenne, a somatic relationship therapist and coach, and Registered Clinical Counsellor. I help people understand and heal relational wounds in the different ways they show up in their lives. My clients are all unique and I create a unique approach for every one of them. Whether it’s reintegrating parts of your personal psychology that are in inner conflict, rewiring your nervous system attachment patterns, cultivating emotional fluency, or building a relationship structure that feels safe, attuned and purposeful, I want to offer you the most effective and well-researched tools to help you succeed.

If you're ready to start building a healthy relationship with yourself and others, let’s connect! Please visit my booking page to schedule a free 15 minute phone consultation, or visit my online booking system if you’d like to book in a full session.