I offer couples counselling sessions for partners looking for support with the following areas:

  • Relationship misattunement and conflict

  • Communication issues

  • Premarital issues

  • Undifferentiated relationships (also known as “codependent” relationships)

  • Lack of healthy assertiveness in relationships

  • Emotional triggers/unhealed relational trauma

  • Lack of emotional bonding and safety

  • Ongoing anxiety and stress

  • Cultural differences and misunderstandings

  • Lack of shared agreements and vision

In couples sessions, I teach couples the art and neuroscience of conscious relationships that are built on true mutuality, trust, connection, and intimacy. In couples work, I help heal old relational wounds in both partners that may be blocking connection. I also coach couples to build relationship practices that support both connection and individuality; safe and creative conflict; and a shared vision of the relationship with each other.