I offer one-on-one counselling sessions for individuals looking for support with the following areas:

  • Relational trauma (wounds caused through relationships, either in the past or present)

  • Childhood trauma (also known as attachment or developmental trauma)

  • Intergenerational trauma (unprocessed pain passed down through your family lines)

  • Connection trauma (feeling disconnected physically, emotionally, mentally from self or others)

  • Healing the root causes of anxiety and depression

  • Emotional dysregulation (difficulty with managing or processing emotions)

  • Nervous system dysregulation (stuck fight, flight or freeze patterns)

  • Negative sense of self-worth, self-esteem and self-confidence

  • Difficulty trusting oneself or other people

  • Negative or intrusive thought patterns

  • Relationship misattunement or miscommunication

  • Personal growth, transformation, and wholeness

I have a clinical focus healing childhood trauma and attachment wounds that are blocking personal growth and healthy relationships with self and others. We have psychobiologically based core needs such as connection, love, attunement, trust, and autonomy that developmentally shape the adults we grow up to be. Compromised core needs result in attachment wounds: distorted sense of self and identity; disembodiment; and impaired capacity to build healthy adult relationships. I help people repattern attachment wounds at deep levels of body, mind, heart, nervous system and life force energy, empowering them to reclaim a healthy sense of self and healthy relational capacities.

Would you like to know more about how we might work together? I offer free 15 minute phone consultations for new clients. Please visit my contact page and send me a message, and we can get started!