Hello! I'm Serenne, a Relational Trauma Therapist and Registered Clinical Counsellor in private practice in Vancouver, B.C. I'm passionate about helping people heal the root causes of their suffering, reclaim their personal power, and create conscious, joyful relationships with themselves and others.

I have a decade of experience and training in multidisciplinary healing wisdoms, including counselling, psychology, neuroscience, somatic work, yoga, cultural studies, energy work, meditation, and mindfulness practices, as well as my lived experience of healing my own complex trauma.

I believe that true health is wholeness, and that no matter who you are and what you’re suffering with, finding wholeness is always possible. It just takes care, willingness, time, and people you trust to walk steadily alongside you on your path.

If you’re interested in us working together, please reach out and tell me what you’d like support with! I offer free 15 minute phone consultations.

If you’d like to know more about me and journey with me, follow me on Instagram at @serennetherapy!